What We Do

The Northwestern Global Health Foundation identifies high-impact and technically feasible medical technologies and helps broker them across and through any of the following commercialization process.

R&D:  We develop technologies and products targeted at markets in the developing world.  We help carry development through to transfer to manufacturing, and according to Good Design Practices as defined by the regulatory bodies.

Clinical and Regulatory Affairs: We help coordinate and conduct clinical evaluations for products in the developing world and obtain necessary regulatory approvals.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance: We identify manufacturers that meet cost and quality goals.  We audit manufacturing sites and assure they comply with all regulations.

Marketing and Sales: We market products directly or through distributors in resource limited settings.

Distribution & service: We distribute products through local distributors and service equipment at regional depots.

Business development & Intellectual Property (IP): We manage and patent IP.  We in-license IP from both academic and commercial organizations to have freedom to operate in resource limited settings.  We out-license IP to commercialize products outside of developing world markets, to fund further development or subsidize existing products for developing countries.